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Right Conclusion offer a FREE review of your PPI mis sold policy and guarantee that we will get you all the money that you are legally entitled to receive.

Right Conclusion help you to reclaim credit card payment protection misselling.

How to get credit card payment protection premiums returned.

First you need to establish if you have Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance.

When attached to a credit card you should be able to see any payments taken for PPI insurance in your monthly statements.
Have you got a payment protection policy that you are paying for without your knowledge?

Almost 20 million payment protection insurance (PPI) policies have been sold to consumers who might never be able to make a claim. According to a study by the consumer group "Which" - they found that a third of consumers who have taken out a policy over the past five years, may fall foul of at least one "significant exclusion" that would prevent them from making a successful claim on their policy.

There are many different credit card payment protection insurance reasons to claim. when you are made aware of them you may be entitle you to submit a credit card payment protection misselling claim.

A guideline for a correct sales process should include being fully informed of the total costs, advise you the policy was optional, give you the full PPI policy condition and documents, ask about any pre-existing medical conditions you may have had, ask about your employment status and much more. Normally, PPI was often sold without much investigation in order to boost company’s profit margins and commission for the advisers.

The fear of retaliation by the financial provider.

Many people fear this and it is particularly difficult because banks are in such a powerful position. Everyone has to have a current account and the majority of people borrow through banks.

Many of our customers ask this question, which expresses a fear that their loan could be recalled or their credit cards cancelled.

The Answer: Banks cannot do this and - if they want to retain their customers - certainly would not. But the industry is not voicing this.

We believe that there is a real need for increased transparency, and for the industry to let customers know that there will be no retribution for claiming what is rightly theirs.

Steps to claiming PPI.

Contact us for a claim pack.

Return paperwork. with relevant copies of the point of sale documents i.e. PPI contract you signed.

Claim process We keep you updated about your PPI reclaim.

Your award or offer explained. Cheque for you!

Pay my invoice Ways to pay.