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We have been claiming Payment Protection Insurance back on behalf of our clients since 2009 and have a success rate of 92%.

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Clicking below on any of the major Banks that we have dealt with will show their PPI misselling History.

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Abbey National

Abbey National PPI Claims - In July 2011 Santander, the current owners of Abbey National, set aside an incredible £538 million to cover the anticipated PPI refunds that they were expecting.

Right Conclusion have made PPI claims against Abbey National.

Alliance & Leicester

Alliance and Leicester - were fined £7 million in October 2008 for serious failings in its PPI telephone sales campaignes between 2005 and 2007.

Alliance and Leicester Originally was formed from the merger of the Alliance Building Society and the Leicester Building Society in 1985 and was legally merged with Santander, who paid £1.26 billion, in May 2010.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Alliance & Leicester.

Bank of Scotland

Reclaim PPI from Bank of Scotland - In 2009 Lloyd's group took over Bank of Scotland but we can still reclaim mis-sold PPI insurance from them.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against The Bank of Scotland.

Barclays PPI claims

Barclays set aside £1 billion to cover the costs of all of the PPI refunds that are expected. Many customers across the UK who claimed prior to the Banks Court Case received their PPI refunds as a gesture of good will !

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Barclays Bank.

Black Horse

Black Horse - part of the Lloyds Banking Group were another key bank involved in the mis-selling of PPI. It's parent Lloyds Banking Group initially set aside £3.2 Billion pounds which they thought wouldl cover all of the PPI refunds that are due to their clients. They have recently increased this amount

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Black Horse.

Bradford & Bingley

Bradford & Bingley - In 2008 the banking network was sold to Abbey National which is now part of the Santander Group.

Santander, who now own Bradford & Bingley, in 2011 put aside £540 million ready to start refunding customers with successful claims for mis-sold PPI.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Bradford & Bingley.


Egg were one of the first companies to be punished for the mis-selling of PPI and were fined £721,000 in December 2008. Should you have an Egg credit card or loan you may be able to claim back your PPI.

Right Conclusion have successfully made PPI claims against EGG.

Halifax PPI Claims

Halifax - is part of the Lloyds Banking Group who set aside £3.2 billion in 2011 allowing for everybody to start reclaiming their Payment Protection Insurance. They have recently set aside more to cover their revised exsposure to PPI claims.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Halifax.

HSCB PPI claims

HSBC Holdings plc were fined over £1 million for various different mis-selling issues including selling "Single Premium" policies which have since been banned.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against HSCB.

Lloyds PPI claims

Lloyds TSB - now part of Lloyds Banking Group set aside £3.2 billion in 2011 to cover the costs of PPI Claims compensation.

Right Conclusion can made successfull PPI claims against Lloyds TSB.

Natwest PPI claims

Natwest - Are part of the RBS banking group which had set aside £850 million to compensate for mis sold PPI. This caused pre-tax profits to fall by £794 million in the first half of 2011

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Natwest.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland - In 2011 Royal Bank of Scotland has provisioned £850 million towards PPI refunds.

Right Conclusion can make PPI claims against Royal Bank of Scotland.

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